German prog rock band Faust headlining Austin metal festival

The German prog rock band Faust is headlining Oblivion Access, an experimental metal and rap festival June 15-18 in Austin.

The full festival lineup was announced this morning.

Festival passes and tickets to individual concerts go on sale at noon today at

Unlike sprawling festivals like the Austin City Limits Music Festival, which appeal to a broad music audience, Oblivion Access will be a big deal to a much smaller group of fans.

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In addition to the performance by Faust, an influential band celebrating its 50th anniversary, the lineup includes Duster, an indie rock band from California making its Texas debut 25 years after the release of its slowcore classic "Stratosphere"; a reunion show by Yellow Swan, an experimental music duo from Portland, Oregon; and the instrumental rock band Earth, which will be playing its debut album "Earth 2" in full.

Headliner Godflesh, a British industrial band making its first U.S. appearance in four years, was previously announced.

The rap lineup includes Clipping, an L.A. group featuring "Hamilton" star Daveed Diggs; producer Clams Casino; and Lil Ugly Mane.

Here's the full festival lineup: Godflesh, Tim Hecker, Faust, Duster, Lil Ugly Mane, RXK Nephew, Ludicra, TR/ST, Clipping., Earth, Yellow Swans, Drab Majesty, Clams Casino, Spirit Of The Beehive, Narrow Head, Giles Corey, Bing And Ruth, Pallbearer, Drew Mcdowall, Drain, Choir Boy, Thou, City Of Caterpillar, Midwife, Helm, Cloud Rat, Srsq, Mspaint, Beak>, Flesh of Morning, Jarboe, Riki, Body Of Light, Prison Religion, John Weise, Cold Gawd, Street Sects, Elizabeth Colour Wheel, Succumb, Amulets, Domino, Nuclear Daisies, Thor & Friends, F Money, Deep Cross, Closed City, Mugger, Black Mercy,  Yob, Final, Mamaleek, Jerome’s Dream, Bosse De Nage, Sissy Spacek, Lucas Abela, Drowse, Sprain, Ragana, Coi_n, Agriculture, Crawl, Parasiticide, God Shell,  Private Hellscape, 
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